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Ventolin inhalers for asthma


Pharmaceutical manufacturers can provide us with a wide variety of asthma drugs. From year to year they fill up this assortment with new medications of different kinds and shapes. Medications for asthma form the substantial part of the medicines. Among these medications fast-acting bronchodilators are considered to be one of the most important and efficient. Such remedies, as Ventolin inhalers are must-have of almost every second asthmatic.
Ventolin is a highly popular and frequently prescribed fast-acting relieving medication used at the event of asthma attack to stop it. As a rule, these medications are the best to stop a sudden bronchospasm. This phenomenon takes place when in consequence of the effect of allergens, smooth muscles around airways get constricted and contract airways. This leads to an asthmatic fit and suffocating. The drug, contained in Ventolin inhalers relaxes these tensed muscles and, thereby, relieves asthma attack itself.
Every inhalation of Ventolin delivers into the lungs a certain amount of Salbutamol. This component is a bronchodilator that can be used for preventing an exercise- induced asthma attack. This is the only one case when Ventolin inhalers can be used frequently, as bronchodilators cannot help patients to prevent any further asthma attacks. One shouldn’t mix two different kinds of asthma medications: bronchodilators and asthma controller medicines. The latter include long-acting beta agonists, inhaled corticosteroids and immunomodulators. Asthma controllers work slower than bronchodilators and function differently.
Besides, Ventolin inhalers provide fast relieving of an asthma attack due to specific construction of the device. This remedy can be met in three possible forms: tablets, solution for inhalation and metered-dose inhalers. Metered-dose inhalers deliver Salbutamol straight into the lungs where the medication starts working. This function affords to provide the fastest relieving of the attack and to reduce the therapeutic dose of the drug. Besides, using an inhaler instead of other drug forms, the risk of experiencing serious side effects is lower. Metered-dose inhalers deliver the drug contained in the canister with the help of special gas – propellant. The greatest advantages of MDIs are comfort, portability, the speed of acting and affordable price.
Of course, tastes differ and there are always people who find Ventolin inhalers uncomfortable for use. But it is not recommended to try another drug form without preliminary consultation with a doctor in charge.
It’s had to deny that aerosol inhalers may cause specific side effects (such as dry mouth), but they can be easily eliminated. As for the other side effects Ventolin may cause, there are some of them: headache, nausea, sore or dry throat, cough, shaking, nervousness, insomnia, strange taste in mouth, vomiting. Besides, while taking Ventolin such severe side effects as cheat pain, abnormal heart rhythm, difficult breathing, splitting headache or giddiness, wheezing, hoarseness and various allergic reactions may occur. In this case one should immediately contact with doctor in charge and get instructions.
Do not take the medication after the expiration date. Store exactly as it is directed on the package label.

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