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The CAG role in graduate education (Part 2)

Residents completing their third year of internal medicine training can choose a number of directions. They can continue on and graduate as general internists. This role has always been important and may become even more important in the near future, with the move toward integrated primary and secondary care. They can also choose from one of the 22 subspecialty programs on offer. Clearly, if GI is to maintain its ranks, we have to be competitive for a relatively small number of graduates.

The CAG has established the Scholars Program to attract residents into GI. Drs Bob Bailey and Richard Fedorak initiated this in 2001, now chaired by Dr Jamie Gregor (University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario). Each teaching university is asked to nominate up to two medical residents to attend the program. The program allows students an opportunity to meet and interact with a number of role models from community, hospital-based, university and nonuniversity, practices. The program has been very successful in enlightening students who are leaning toward GI, and reassuring them that their choice is a good one.

Once the residents are committed to GI, CAG also plays a role. CAG provides a three-day course (Gastroenterology Residents in Training Program – GRIT) before each Canadian Digestive Diseases Week conference. This is now in its 11th year and has become a highlight of CAG’s education efforts. Dr Ron Bridges (Calgary, Alberta), who works with a group of very talented educators and scientists, chairs it. The residents have to submit a work of value to gain admission. It consists of a series of events, some are didactic, most are highly interactive and innovative. Residents are provided with an agenda regarding key GI issues, an opportunity to present their work as well as interact with peers in small group sessions and an opportunity to connect with their colleagues across the country. If you want to make your online shopping advantageous and safe, check out the best pharmacy to buy quality medications online: find cialis professional canadian pharmacy online cialis professional online every time you need treatment. without any need for a prescription, any time of the day or night with straight to the doorstep delivery.

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