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Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy: Discussion of Increased Vascular Pedicle Width Preceding Burn-Related Pulmonary Edema

cardiopulmonary problemIn this selected population at risk for the development of pulmonary edema, the vascular pedicle could be measured on the serial chest roentgenograms of 42 of the 46 patients (91.3 percent) in whom technical factors permitted this comparison. The borders of the pedicle were identified easily by applying recently published criteria, and its width could be determined with little interobserver variation. Enlargement of the vascular pedicle during the first day of intravenous fluid resuscitation for cutaneous burns correlated with the development of pulmonary edema in 18 patients and preceded the development of this cardiopulmonary problem. These findings enhance the role of the chest roentgenogram in burn victims, are of potential clinical value, and may have important implications regarding the mechanisms of pulmonary edema following thermal injury.

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