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Sleep in PostPolio Syndrome: Results (Part 5)

Sleep in PostPolio Syndrome: Results (Part 5)Complications: While receiving mechanical ventilation, mask leaks or leaks through the mouth were present in all the patients. The mechanical ventilator was set to deliver a much greater volume (Table 4) than the patient actually received. The goal was to increase the machine-delivered volume until that actually delivered to the patient was about 10 ml/kg. One of the patients required a chin strap. All the patients were given two masks to take home. One of the patients who had had a carcinoma of the skin removed in the area of his nose had irritation when he first started on nasal ventilation and required the evaluation of several different nasal masks and oral/ nasal masks before the system was adequate. Two patients had traumatic accidents with fractures and required nasal mask ventilation continuously for several days. These patients had a breakdown of the soft tissue on the bridge of the nose by the nasal mask as it was not rotated with any regularity by nursing staff in acute care facilities. These areas healed with time and the introduction of alternate mouth and nasal masks which changed pressure points. Buy Asthma Inhalers Online
Patients requiring increased humidity because of nasal dryness had artificial nose humidifiers inserted into the patient circuit with the desired effects.

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