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Respiratory Illness in Nonsmokers Chronically Exposed to Tobacco Smoke in the Work Place (6)

Independent Measures Recorded at the Work Site
Each subject responded to a respiratory questionnaire of the American Thoracic Society (ATS-DLD-78-A) administered by a trained technician during one of the three visits to each work place. (A revised questionnaire can be obtained from the British Medical Council, 20 Park Crescent, London WIN 4AL, England.) The respiratory symptoms include:
Chronic cough: customary cough occurring most days for three consecutive months or more during the year. ampicillin antibiotic
Chronic phlegm: customary phlegm occurring most days consecutive months or more during the year.
Breathlessness: troubled by breathlessness or shortness of breath when hurrying on the level or walking up a slight hill.
Chest colds and chest illnesses: chest colds and chest illnesses occurring in the past three years, causing a lost day on the job: indoors, at home or in bed.
Number of days missed from work due to chest cold or chest illness: occurring during a nine-month period, the number of days lost from the job due to chest colds and chest illnesses.
Eye irritation: occurring routinely within the normal working area.
Days missed from work due to colds or chest illness were determined from diary records.

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