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Respiratory Illness in Nonsmokers Chronically Exposed to Tobacco Smoke in the Work Place (2)

To examine the effects of passive smoking, we used the health scores and clinical data of participants who had been physiologically evaluated during a course, “Physical Fitness Profile,” sponsored by the Department of Physical Education, University of California at San Diego between 1979 and 1985. The subjects selected for this study were part of a separate, three-year study that required each participant to maintain a diary of daily activities. Only subjects who faithfully completed the diary were considered for this study. The majority of subjects resided and worked in the coastal section of San Diego County, an area low in air pollution. Exposure to environmental pollution, smoking habits and physical characteristics were assessed from a self-administered questionnaire completed during the fitness course. Cheap Diskus Advair
From an original 378 candidates who completed the course, 188 were disqualified from participation as either a passive smoker or nonsmoker in this study because they indicated on the questionnaire they: (1) were currently a smoker of any material; (2) had been a previous smoker of any material; (3) had lived in a home where smoking was permitted; (4) were exposed to dust or toxic fumes in their occupation; (5) had lived in a smoggy or industrial area for more than one year; (6) had been employed in areas associated with industrial pollution; (7) had been working in an enclosed area where smoking was permitted for less than 12 months (12 months was the minimal exposure time to qualify as a passive smoker); (8) had a history of pulmonary or cardiac disease, persistent cough, recent asthma, respiratory illnesses or bronchial disturbances; (9) would not be able to maintain a diary for nine months; or (10) would not be available to participate in the work place evaluation.

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