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Predicting the Need for Hospitalization in Children with Acute Asthma: Discussion (2)

When each individual component of the clinical score on presentation was analyzed as an independent variable, the dyspnea score came out to be the most predictive, with increased sensitivity but less specificity than the overall clinical score. In the present study, “dyspnea” was defined as the observers impression of the childs breathlessness, as most of our patients were too young to be questioned about their subjective feeling of respiratory distress. flovent inhaler

As stated by Feinstein, the need for clear definitions of the predictive variables does not preclude the use of “soft” clinical data, as long as these data can be defined precisely enough to have a similar meaning to someone else. Similarly, the wheezing score and the accessory muscle score are other examples of “soft” clinical data used in our study. They are commonly used in evaluating the severity of asthma, and although they are somewhat subjective measurements, their importance should not be minimized as long as the meaning of these terms is understood by everyone who uses them. Furthermore, when all the studied variables were graded by degree of importance, the subjective variables were the most important in the assessment of acute asthma.

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