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Peripheral Intrapulmonary Hamartoma Accompanied by a Similar Endotracheal Lesion: Discussion

Peripheral Intrapulmonary Hamartoma Accompanied by a Similar Endotracheal Lesion: DiscussionAt surgery, the tumor was located within the parenchyma in the left lung; it was well-circumscribed from surrounding tissue and its texture was cartilaginous. A left lower lobectomy was performed.

On the cut section, lobules of white, cartilaginous-appearing tissue were apparent. Histologically, the lobular architecture was confirmed; individual lobules were composed of well-developed cartilage. Thin clefts lined by epithelium were present between the lobules. This tumor was morphologically identical to the endotracheal nodule. The postoperative course was uneventful, and the patient is under clinical observation with regard to the endotracheal hamartoma cialis professional.

Due to the changing concept regarding “hamartoma,” from a developmental abnormality to a benign proliferation of mesenchymal cells, these lung neoplasms should be coined “mesenchymoma.” In this article, however, the term “hamartoma” was used because it is more popular than “mesenchymoma” in the literature.
Hamartomas are the most commonly encountered benign neoplasm of the lung. Although about 10 percent are endobronchial, tracheal hamartomas are extremely rare. The first case of a tracheal hamartoma was reported by Engelking,2 and Alexander and Brodman summarized 5 cases in 1987. We are aware of only nine cases of tracheal hamartoma reported in the English-language literature.

Most of them had clinical symptoms due to mechanical obstruction: coughing in four cases, and dyspnea in four. Only one case was asymptomatic. Recently, bronchoscopy has been widely used for the diagnosis and the treatment of pulmonary diseases. The prevalence of fiberoptic bronchoscopy may increase the chance of encountering asymptomatic endotracheal hamartomas.

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