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Musculoskeletal injuries among ERCP endoscopists in Canada: CONCLUSIONS

CONCLUSIONSThere is extensive literature to support the notion that the increase in occupational back and upper extremity injuries has become a major socioeconomic problem. To prevent these disabling and costly conditions successfully, more research is needed in all professions to determine where environmental risks exist, and more effort must be put into implementing preventive strategies. Best quality drugs cheap: find diabetes drugs and discover best deals online.

Our results indicate that ERCP endoscopists may be at considerable risk for the development of occupational musculoskeletal injuries. The preventive measures discussed in this paper should be implemented to minimize risk. The survey used in this study was sent only to ERCP endoscopists practising in Canada. A limitation of our study is that musculoskeletal complaints among ERCP endoscopists were not compared with those of endoscopists who do not perform ERCP. Further studies are needed in Canada and other countries to investigate this issue, which may lead to improved working conditions for ERCP endoscopists.

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