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Lung Mechanics and Gas Exchange During Exercise in Pulmonary Sarcoidosis: Discussion (4)

Our data do not indicate an increased Vd/Vt caused by uneven ventilation/perfusion. Like others, we found that no single test or symptoms can precisely foretell the exercise capacity, although VC and FEVt were reasonable predictors. Buy Advair Diskus Online
Postmortem studies have shown cardiac sarcoidosis in about 25 percent of the patients. Our study does not demonstrate any significant ECC changes, though there is no selection bias concerning cardiac disease. Only a few patients had been on treatment, and thus, previous steroids could hardly explain the lack of ECG abnormalities.
In sarcoidosis, function tests sensitive to changes caused by the disease process are needed to provide guidelines for therapy and for establishment of prognosis. Mechanics at maximal exercise were, in most instances, as sensitive as corresponding data obtained by the more elaborate constant flow technique combined with body plethysmography, and could be even more sensitive in separating groups of patients. Thus, CdynL at maximal exercise was lower in stage 3 than stage 2 disease, while CstL was equally reduced.

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