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Lung Mechanics and Gas Exchange During Exercise in Pulmonary Sarcoidosis: Discussion (2)

The RfL at maximal work revealed more abnormal observations than R£l at rest, and almost the same number of pathologic observations as Rl. The tendency towards elevated resistive work of breathing in stage 3 could partly be explained by increased resistance and partly by increased ventilation. antibiotics levaquin
Blood gas abnormalities in sarcoidosis are well known’ but are less advanced than in some other groups with interstitial lung disease. The frequently observed fall in Pa02 at exercise in our study is in keeping with diffusion limitation as previously indicated. In contrast to others, we found no relationship between the fall in Pa02 at exercise and compliance. In some patients in our study, a low Pa02 at rest in the sitting position increased during exercise, possibly reflecting improvement in the ventilation/ perfusion distribution. In an individual, the reaction during exercise is difficult to predict from Pa02 at rest. Other physiologic observations were also poor predictors of Pa02 at exercise, in agreement with other studies. In asymptomatic patients, Pa02 at maximal work did not differ from the symptomatic group, probably because it was measured at a higher work rate.

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