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Lung Mechanics and Gas Exchange During Exercise in Pulmonary Sarcoidosis (2)

The estimated duration of disease was less than 24 months in 31 subjects, and in 14 subjects, it was five years or longer. Steroid therapy with a low maintenance dose had previously been administered to 11 patients, and two other patients were still taking 5 and 10 mg of prednisolone. The following classification of the radiographs was used: stage 0, normal radiograph; stage 1, lymph node enlargement without parenchymal abnormalities; stage 2, interstitial parenchymal changes with or without enlarged lymph nodes and without evidence of fibrosis; stage 3, indications of fibrosis apart from other parenchymal changes. This classification, predominant in Scandinavia, was chosen as it particularly emphasizes interstitial changes rather than node involvement. The interstitial changes, and in stage 3, the degree of shrinkage, were judged as slight, moderate, or extensive. flovent inhaler
Twenty-six patients had stage 2 findings and 36 stage 3. One subjects radiograph was lost. The radiographic abnormalities were, in most subjects, slight to moderate. In five subjects, the interstitial changes were extensive, and one subjects radiograph showed signs consistent with severe pulmonary shrinkage.

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