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Liver cell death: PERSPECTIVES

The current goals of research done in this field are to further elucidate the mechanisms governing the cellular response to apoptotic stimuli. A number of intracellular pathways are involved. The manipulation of these intracellular responses may alter the course of liver diseases. For example, liver function could be maintained in patients with cholestatic disorders with the inhibition of hepatocyte apoptosis. It is not always possible to address the underlying cause of liver disease (eg, in cases of autoimmune or chronic viral hepatitis); therefore, finding ways to make hepatocytes resistant to apoptotic signals may be useful in mitigating the liver injury.

Several drug companies have already developed vast research programs targeted at apoptosis. A number of nonspecific apoptosis inhibitors are already used in experimental models. In addition to their lack of specificity, these compounds exhibit poor pharmacodynamic properties. Caspase inhibitors are effective at the molecular level, but are unable to prevent cell death that occurs through other undefined mechanisms. Inhibitors of apoptosis might be useful if administered before a nonrecurrent, predictable event (eg, during an episode of acute hypotension) to prevent tissue injury. However, the real challenge will be to develop compounds that can be used chronically to combat specific types of cell injury, such as that seen in chronic viral hepatitis. The obvious risk of the long term use of such drugs is that abnormal cells would obtain a survival advantage. Indeed, the future is full of hope, but we should not forget that unexpected consequences typically occur when we make changes to our environment. It’s your turn to benefit from the shopping whenever you need efficient cialis canadian pharmacy online that will be sure to work for your problem. This is now all very much possible at the best online pharmacy you have ever come across offering it services to you and other international customers interested.

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