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Liver cell death: Death receptors

It is somewhat surprising to learn that almost every cell possesses death receptors on its surface. Fortunately, the expression of these receptors differs among various tissues. Moreover, cells possess many antiapoptotic survival receptors that can block the transmission of the message derived from the activation of death receptors. Nevertheless, one must recognize that cell death occurs continuously throughout life. For example, there is a degree of cell turnover taking place in almost every tissue (eg, liver and gastrointestinal mucosa). This requires the organized loss of a definite number of cells, which is currently thought to occur by apoptosis. Figure 3 is a schematic representation of the hepatocyte death receptors.

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Figure 3) Schematic view of the hepatocyte death receptors. All receptors are present at the plasma membrane. Activation of these receptors has been shown to induce hepatocyte apoptosis. TGF-P Transforming growth factor-beta; TNF-a Tumour necrosis factor-alpha


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