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Liver cell death: Clinical importance of apoptosis in liver diseases (Part 1)

inactive alcoholic liver diseaseThe relevance of studying apoptosis and of trying to change the apoptotic response in liver diseases depends on the actual occurrence of this type of cell death and its importance relative to other forms of cell death. This can be expected to vary widely depending on the etiology of the liver injury.

There is accumulating evidence that hepatocyte apoptosis is significant in alcoholic liver disease. Surgical specimens from patients with inactive alcoholic liver disease reveal increased numbers of acidophilic bodies, which are considered apoptotic (see below). Apoptotic hepatocytes have been reported in liver biopsy material from patients with alcoholic hepatitis. There is experimental evidence that chronic ethanol feeding increases hepatocyte apoptosis in animals. Furthermore, Fas ligand upregulation has been described in the liver and the plasma in cases of alcohol-induced liver disease. Recent evidence has linked the upregulation of the Fas ligand with increased hepatocyte apoptosis.

Chronic viral hepatitis is probably the best example of a pathological process characterized by hepatocyte apoptosis. Liver pathologists now recognize that acidophilic bodies, which have long been identified in patients with viral hepatitis, represent apoptotic hepatocytes. The reported occurrence of apop-totic hepatocytes in hepatitis C liver biopsy samples varies depending on the method used to assess apoptosis. It is generally accepted that there is a correlation between the intensity of histological inflammation and the degree of apop-tosis. It is accepted that the immune response plays a key role in causing apoptosis during the course of viral hepatitis. It is known that activated T lymphocytes recognize viral antigens expressed on the cell surface of infected cells. Find most trusted pharmacy that will give you ampicillin antibiotic only here
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