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Interferon-alpha-induced changes in metallothionein expression: Results (Part 2)

MT mRNA expression in the liver

MT-I and -II mRNA were detected in the cytoplasm of hepa-tocytes. There is a positive correlation between MT-1 and MT-II mRNA expression. Before IFN-alpha therapy, the MT-II mRNA scores were higher than the MT-I mRNA scores. MT-I mRNA scores were reduced after IFN-alpha therapy in both NR and SR patients. MT-II mRNA scores after therapy were reduced in SR patients; however, the scores were unchanged in NR patients. In total patients, the reduction of MT mRNA expression after therapy was significant in the MT-I isoform, but not in the MT-II isoform (Figure 5).

Changes in HAI score and PCNA labelling index by IFN-alpha therapy

As shown in Table 2, HAI scores before therapy were similar in SR and NR patients. HAI scores after therapy decreased significantly in SR patients but remained unchanged in NR patients. PCNA was positive for the nuclei of hepatocytes. Before therapy, the PCNA labelling index in the liver was similar in SR and NR patients. Find out more about your chance to get relieve allergy symptoms at best online pharmacy.

Changes in hepatic metallothionein

Figure 5) Changes in hepatic metallothionein (MT) messenger (m)RNA scores by interferon-alpha therapy. In total patients, reduction of MT mRNA scores after interferon-alpha therapy were significant (P<0.05) in MT-I mRNA (left), but not significant in MT-II mRNA (right)

TABLE 2 Changes in histological activity index (HAI) scores and proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) labelling index by interferon-alpha therapy

HAI score PCNA labelling index
Beforetherapy Aftertherapy Beforetherapy Aftertherapy
Total (SR+NR) 7.4±2.2 3.4±3.5** 88.7±4.2 71.9±20.8*
SR 7.3±2.2 1.3±1.5** 86.4±35.8 65.1±11.8
NR 7.4±2.4 6.1±3.7 98.8±37.5 86.2±28.1

*P<0.05 compared with pretreatment values; **P<0.01 compared with pretreatment values. NR Nonresponders; SR Sustained responders

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