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Interferon-alpha-induced changes in metallothionein expression: Results (Part 1)

hepatocytesMT staining in the liver

Immunohistochemical expression of MT was demonstrated in the cytoplasm and nuclei of hepatocytes. The MT staining was clustered around the portal tracts that were enlarged because of inflammatory cells and fibrosis, and focally in the interlobular areas. Serial changes of hepatic MT staining in typical SR and NR patients are shown in Figure 3. The MT in the SR patient was stained markedly in the hepatocytes pre-and post-therapy; however, the MT-positive hepatocytes in the NR patients were diminished post-therapy. The MT staining scores before therapy were similar in the SR and NR patients. The MT scores after IFN-alpha therapy were higher in SR patients than in NR patients, although the difference was not significant (Figure 4). In total patients, the MT staining scores after therapy were decreased compared with those before therapy. Reduction of MT staining after therapy was significant in NR patients and slight in SR patients (Figure 4). Your most trusted pharmacy offering help allergies and giving you very fast shipping.

Serial changes of hepatic metallothionein

Figure 3) Serial changes of hepatic metallothionein (MT) staining pre-ami postinterferon therapy. Upper panels Sustained responder, 61-year-old woman. The MT was stained markedly in the cytoplasm and nuclei of hepatocytes pretherapy (left) and post-therapy (right). Lower panels Nonresponder, 38-year-old man. The MT-positive hepatocytes were diminished post-therapy (left) (immunohistochemical stain, original magnification x200)

Changes in hepatic metalbthionein

Figure 4)  Changes in hepatic metalbthionein  (MT) scores by interferon-alpha therapy. Reduction of MT scores after interferon-alpha therapy were significant (P<0.01) in nonresponders (right), but not significant in sustained responders (left)

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