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Inflammatory bowel disease research: THE ESTABLISHMENT OF THE IBD TISSUE BANK (Part 2)

At the time of writing, the following institutions have been granted ethical approval to collect tissue: McMaster University (Hamilton, Ontario), Dalhousie University (Halifax, Nova Scotia), University of Manitoba (Winnipeg, Manitoba) and the University of Alberta (Edmonton, Alberta), with McMaster and Dalhousie actively contributing tissue already.

The following institutions are awaiting ethical approval: University of British Columbia (Vancouver, British Columbia), University of Calgary (Calgary, Alberta), Hospital for Sick Children and Mt Sinai Hospital (Toronto, Ontario), McGill University and Hopital Ste Justine (Montreal, Quebec), and Hopital St-Sacrement (Quebec City, Quebec). Other institutions are at the early stages of submitting requests for ethics approval. It’s time for you to start saving some money: you just need to visit the pharmacy that offers finest quality antibiotic levaquin
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While the Network’s microbial project requires tissue from newly diagnosed and untreated IBD patients, it is expected that future RFAs will require a broad array of tissues and specimens. It is hoped submissions to the bank will become routine events as the clinical community becomes more familiar with the practice. In the future, the resources of the Canadian IBD Tissue Bank will be available for a variety of CCFC-supported studies, ranging from questions related to the causes of IBD to pharmacogenetics and epidemiological studies.

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