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Inflammatory bowel disease research: THE ESTABLISHMENT OF THE IBD TISSUE BANK (Part 1)

Following legal consultation and investigations of similar projects in other areas (ie, Ontario cervical smear database), the Foundation established a Tissue Bank Corporation to administer the bank. Tissue collectors as well as investigators using the material or data in the bank first become registered members of the tissue bank.

Tissues (biopsies, surgical specimens, blood, serum) are stored and catalogued by Gamma Dynacare (Mississauga, Ontario). Anonymous clinical information associated with the tissue is stored in an on-line database maintained by Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (Toronto, Ontario). A graphic representation of the bank is shown in Figure 1.

ССFC graphic

Figure 1) A graphic representation of the Canadian Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Tissue Bank Corporation. CCFC Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of Canada

Written informed consent is obtained from appropriate patients, and a tissue sample number is obtained from the Web site and permanently associated with that patient. Once collected, the tissue is stored at local institutions at -70°C until the diagnosis is verified. If the patient is deemed eligible to be a donor, and pathology criteria for the tissue are met, the tissues are submitted to the bank for storage on ice via courier. Physicians submitting to the bank may retrieve clinical information only on their patients and may choose to use their personal tissue bank database as a more generalized patient database using the available analysis tools in the system. Patients may have their clinical information removed from the database and/or their tissue samples destroyed at any time upon written request. Coded tissue and clinical information is provided only to researchers approved by the bank, and recipients must become members of the tissue bank . Each potential tis-sue-donor physician must seek ethical approval at his or her own institution. Find very low prices on non-prescription drugs – cialis professional for smart customers.

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