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Inflammatory bowel disease research: THE CCFC IBD RESEARCH NETWORK (Part 3)

During the Network meetings through 1999 and 2000, where discussion surrounded the above-described RFAs, it became apparent that the success of this undertaking would be as much dependent upon the source and nature of the tissue studied as it would on technology.

It was repeatedly stressed that this ‘gold standard’ tissue material be collected and stored in a standardized, regulated manner. Another strong sentiment was that no single institution should be made responsible for the administration of the collection and distribution of the tissue.

A decision was made for the Network to investigate ways of developing an independent organization and infrastructure to secure and distribute the tissue for use in the studies. It was reasoned, for example, that successful applicants to the RFA may not necessarily be those with access to IBD patients – particularly new cases. In addition, it was felt that the provision of tissues by the Foundation could be used in more than one study, and that data may be compared between studies. Following investigations of potential strategies and models, the Network recommended that the Foundation set up an independent national IBD tissue bank to collect, store and distribute IBD and control tissue as well as manage associated patient data for the planned RFA and future studies in IBD. Find most trusted pharmacy that will give you cialis professional in the amounts required without any need for a prescription. You will see that shopping with a place you can already trust over and over again is very affordable and always nice.

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