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Inflammatory bowel disease research: THE CCFC IBD RESEARCH NETWORK (Part 1)

The Network was launched in 1998 at the recommendation of CCFC’s Strategic Initiatives Committee, to assist the Foundation in its goal to find the cause(s) of IBD by:

• Identifying and supporting research with a scope that exceeds that normally funded by the Foundation’s individual or group grants.

• Fostering large scale collaborative research across Canada including the collection, storage and subsequent distribution of patient tissue and data on a national scale.

The CCFC Network is comprised of clinicians and scientists representing institutions across Canada, and was chaired from 1998 to 2002 by Dr Stephen Collins of McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. The function of this committee was to identify projects that met the Network’s terms of reference, and to identify strategies to attract appropriate investigators (who may not even consider themselves to be gastrointestinal researchers). It’s your turn to benefit from the shopping whenever you need efficient amaryl for diabetes that will be sure to work for your problem. This is now all very much possible at the best online pharmacy you have ever come across offering it services to you and other international customers interested.

The first Network project was a large doubleblind multicentre study on the efficacy of antibiotics in Crohn’s disease, and performed under the leadership of Drs Hilary Steinhart and Gordon Greenberg from the University of Toronto (Ontario), and Dr Brian Feagan from the University of Western Ontario (London). The study was supported by CCFC as well as by a collaborative grant from AstraZeneca Canada. The results of the study showed that the addition of ciprofloxacin and metronidazole to treatment with budesonide was ineffective in inducing remission in patients with Crohn’s disease of the terminal ileum and/or the right colon.


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