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Immediate Echocardiography in the Management of Acute Respiratory Exacerbations of Cardiopulmonary Disease: Discission (Part 2)

Echo-Doppler is being increasingly used to evaluate valvular heart disease and cialis professional 20 mg of cardiac diastolic function. Our laboratory had not as yet acquired Doppler technology at the time of this study. However, even with this limitation, echo frequently identified the presence of valvular disease and abnormalities compatible with volume overload (chamber enlargement) or diastolic dysfunction (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy). Report of such findings had little apparent impact on patient treatment. Thus, while the addition of Doppler may have proved to be more sensitive in defining the cause of dyspnea in some patients, whether such findings would have swayed patient treatment to a greater degree than the anatomic abnormalities that were reported by echocardiography is uncertain.
This study was principally comprised of chronically diseased dyspnea patients. Too few patients without prior known heart or lung disease were evaluated to make similar conclusions about the value of echo in such a subset. The impact on patient care might also have been greater had echoes been obtained sooner. However, most echocardiograms were obtained within 10 h after study patients were admitted to the hospital, and in all cases, while they were still symptomatic.

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