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Exercise Training Improves Overall Physical Fitness and Quality of Life

Exercise Training Improves Overall Physical Fitness and Quality of LifeExercise training is an important intervention that can reverse the decline in peak aerobic power (V02peak) and muscle strength5-8 that occurs in older individuals with coronary artery disease (CAD). The improvement in V02peak has prognostic implications, as Kavanagh et al recently reported that a 1 mL/kg/min increase in V02peak was associated with a 10% reduction in cardiac mortality in older women with CAD. A limitation of previous cardiac rehabilitation exercise studies was the exclusion of older women with CAD as study participants. Older women with CAD may have the most to gain from participating in an exercise rehabilitation program because they have a V02peak that is 26 comitant improvement in overall quality of life (QOL) in older women with CAD. The purpose of this investigation was to examine the effects of 8 weeks of aerobic training (AT) or combined aerobic and strength training (COMT) on V02peak, distance walked in 6 min, upper- and lower-extremity maximal strength, and QOL in older women with CAD. We hypothesized that COMT would result in a greater increase in overall physical fitness and QOL compared to AT. buy glucophage online

Materials and Methods
Study Subjects

The subjects consisted of 21 women (age range, 60 to 80 years) who recently had a myocardial infarction and were referred to the Northern Alberta Cardiac Rehabilitation program. Ethics approval was obtained from the University Health Research Ethics Board, and informed consent was obtained prior to study participation.
Incremental Exercise Test With Expired Gas Analysis
The incremental exercise test was performed using the Bruce or modified Bruce protocols. Expired gases were collected and analyzed using a computerized metabolic system (ParvoMedics; Sandy, UT), and the highest oxygen uptake obtained over a 1-min period was used as the Vo2peak score. A continuous 12-lead ECG was used during the test, while BP was obtained every 3 min.

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