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Exercise Limitation in Patients with Polymyositis: Results (1)

A total of 19 patients with polymyositis were identified at the three institutions. Six patients were excluded because they were unable to exercise (one with aseptic necrosis of the hip, one with retinal detachment, two with acute myopathy which precluded their exercise ability, one with hepatic encephalopathy, one with Graves’ disease/atrial fibrillation). Thirteen patients were eligible for the study. Two patients refused to participate. The data from the remaining 11 patients are reported.
The clinical characteristics of the study patients are indicated in Table 1. Five patients had definite polymyositis, four patients had definite dermatomyositis, and two patients had probable polymyositis by criteria of Bohan and Peters. All patients studied had a positive muscle biopsy with characteristic features of inflammatory myopathy. The mean age of the patients was 46 (±16) years. There were four males and seven females. Only three patients (No. 2, 3 and 7) were smokers. Six patients had active disease and five patients inactive disease, tlie disease duration was 42 (±38) months with a range from 6 to 114 months. Five patients had coexisting illness; three had hypertension and two had diabetes.

Table 1—Clinical Characteristics of Study Patients

Patients Age/Sex DiseaseCriteria Duration(Months) Activity ECGt ChestRadiography PulmonaryHypertension
1 30/F 1-4 114 Inactive ST-T Normal AT, VN
2 33/F 1,2,4,5 6 Inactive Normal Normal, f HT index AT
3 56/F 1,2,4,5 96 Inactive RAE f t Interstitial markings Absent
4 64/F 1-4 24 Active, B,C LVH Cardiomegaly with interstitial markings AT, AD, VN
5 57/F 1,2,4 7 Active, B,C Old MI, LAE, ST-T Cardiomegaly, t HT index + +, AD
6 22/F 1-5 66 Active, B (chronic) ST-T Normal AT, VN
7 37/M 1-5 60 Active, B,C (chronic) Sinusbradycardia Normal Absent
8 63/F 1-4 42 Inactive ST-T | Interstitial markings, fibrosis borderline cardiomegaly + +, AD
9 63/M 1-4 12 Active, B ST-T LLL atelectasis Absent
10 44/M 1,2,4 29 Inactive ST-T | Interstitial markings AT
11 51/M 1-4 7 Active, B,C ST-T, RBBB Normal Absent
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