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Evaluating STAT Testing Alternatives by Calculating Annual Laboratory Costs: The Calculating Annual Laboratory Costs Model (CALC) (Part 7)

In Table 1, the costs of reagents and supplies to operate the stat lab systems were taken from actual invoices; the reagent cost is less for the backup unit because it is used only to handle peak testing volumes and periods when the primary unit is down. The electrode cost for both benchtop systems is the annual charge for a warranty contract guaranteeing electrode replacement. The syringe cost is for heparinized arterial blood gas (ABG) syringes. The capillary tube cost for the centrifuge is also for heparinized tubes. The quality control frequency for the benchtop system is assumed to be two levels twice per day. buy antibiotics online
For the bedside units, almost all the supplies are incorporated into a disposable pack (list price, $300 each). It is assumed that one pack, which can process 50 samples, would be used each day, alternating instruments from day to day. Other supply costs are based on the list price for samplers, which allow aspiration of samples into the instrument, ABG syringes, and quality control solutions. The quality control frequency recommended by the manufacturer is two levels per day for the hematocrit sensor and three levels per day to check the other sensors.

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