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Evaluating STAT Testing Alternatives by Calculating Annual Laboratory Costs: The Calculating Annual Laboratory Costs Model (CALC) (Part 6)

If clinicians working in the critical care unit are able and willing to operate the testing equipment as part of their patient care responsibilities, it is likely that no additional labor charges would be incurred unless the testing load exceeds each nurse s ability to do it in the time available. This is not an unrealistic assumption; it has been shown that nurses spend more time tracking down laboratory results than would be required to operate bedside testing systems. It is assumed in Table 1 that nurses in the critical care unit will operate the bedside analyzer as a patient care responsibility, thus incurring no labor expenses other than for equipment training. The maintenance of the system would be the laboratory’s responsibility and would be incurred as a labor expense. buy ampicillin
The total direct labor costs for both configurations are then multiplied by a benefit coefficient, which is 30 percent shown in the example in Table 1, to yield the total labor expense.
(e) Supply and Disposable Costs: Supplies are consumed to collect and analyze samples as well as to perform quality control checks, calibrate equipment, report results, and perform other maintenance tasks (Table 3). The easiest way to calculate supply costs is to estimate the quantity of materials used per year. Invoices for consumables used with existing equipment can be reviewed or manufacturers can be consulted to estimate costs for projected testing volumes.

Table 3—Supply and Other Disposable Costs for Analyzing Clinical Laboratory Tests



Quality control solutions

Reagent preparation chemicals

Rinse solutions

Reference fluids


Calibration solutions

Deionized water

Linearity standards

Cleaning solutions

Other supplies


Seals and valves


Sample cups

Reagent vessels

Gas tanks


Paper labels and test


order forms




Water cartridges

Electrodes and membranes


Pipettes and tips

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