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Endoscopic perforation rates: RESULTS

Identified records were retrieved and hand searched to confirm an endoscopic-associated perforation by consensus of two authors (TM and RF). Data were extracted to identify patient demographics, endoscopic indication and diagnosis, type of procedure, extent of insertion, preparation adequacy, trainee involvement, previous abdominal surgery, renal failure, surgical outcome and mortality. The type of procedure was recorded as either diagnostic or therapeutic depending on the presence or absence of a therapeutic endoscopic maneuver. For gastroscopy, therapeutic maneuvers included dilation, stent placement, variceal and nonvariceal hemostatic procedures, and percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tube placement. For colonoscopy, therapeutic maneuvers included all therapeutic procedures identified for gastroscopy, plus polypectomy and decompression. The occurrence of mucosal biopsy was recorded as a diagnostic procedure.

As shown in Table 4, a total of 21,217 endoscopies (13,792 gastroscopies [diagnostic 8062, therapeutic 5330] and 7425 colonoscopies [diagnostic 4470, therapeutic 2955]) were performed in the 36 months between August 1998 and August, 2001. Three hundred fifty-nine (167 inpatients and 192 outpatients) records were initially isolated for review based on the search criteria outlined above. Of these 359 cases, 358 were retrieved. One record of a colonoscopy was not reviewed because it was missing from the files. After hand searching all 358 retrieved cases, 18 of these records were found to have had an endoscopy-associated intestinal perforation. You will soon see how easy it is to start the treatment if you have a reliable pharmacy offering prednisone for asthma click here for sale or any other medications you may need for the specific medical issue you may have that requires treatment.


Gastroscopy Colonoscopy
Diagnostic Therapeutic Total Diagnostic Therapeutic Total
Number of procedures 8062 5330 13,392 4470 2955 7425
Number of perforations 0 8 8 6 4 10
Perforation rate 0% 0.15% 0.06% 0.13% 0.14% 0.13%
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