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Endoscopic perforation rates: METHODS

hospitalThe University of Alberta Hospital is a university teaching centre and a tertiary care referral hospital located in Edmonton, Alberta. It serves a catchment area of over 1.8 million people from central/northern Alberta, northwestern Saskatchewan, northern British Columbia and the Northwest Territories. Endoscopy at the University of Alberta Hospital is performed by three pediatric gastroenterologists, four hepatologists, six adult gastroenterologists and one general surgeon. Approximately 4500 gastroscopies and 2500 colonoscopies are performed annually. The hospital also serves as a Canadian training centre for between five to 10 gastroenterology subspecialty residents in any given year.

All inpatient and outpatient upper and lower endoscopies conducted at the University Hospital between January 1, 1998 and December 31, 2001 were evaluated. The University of Alberta Hospital uses the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) , on a prospective basis, to identify each procedure and diagnosis for every patient encounter. Previous reports have shown that over 90% of perforations resulting from endoscopy are diagnosed within two days of the procedure Endoscopies with perforations, occurring within 14 days of the endoscopic procedure, were therefore isolated using the code descriptions listed in Table 3. You will always be able to buy the required amount of medicine you need at this wonderful and fully licensed pharmacy that can take good care of you, no matter if you need proventil albuterol click here at large amounts or just a bit of it to finish your treatment.

TABLE 3 ICD code descriptions for endoscopies with perforations

Endoscopic procedures Diagnosis
Anoscopy Accidental cut/hemolysis during surgery
Closed biopsy of large intestine Accidental cut/hemolysis with scope
Closed biopsy of rectum Accidental puncture/laceration during
Colonoscopy procedure
Dilation of anal sphincter Hemorrhage of the gastrointestinal tract
Dilation of esophagus Other specific disorders rectum/anus
Dilation of intestine Perforation of intestine
Dilation of pylorus Peritonitis
Dilation of rectum Pneumomediastinum
Esophagogastroduodenoscopy Pneumonitis
Esophagoscopy Pneumoperitoneum
Flexible sigmoidoscopy Pneumothorax
Other endoscopy small intestine
Percutaneous gastrostomy
Rigid protosigmoidoscopy

ICD International Classification of Diseases

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