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Mircette is a prescription contraception drug that prevents an unwanted pregnancy. This medicament combines a pair of hormones: progestin and estrogen that are considered to be the most efficient in preventing ovulation and protecting from an unplanned pregnancy. The remedy influences the vaginal fluid so that it is difficult for sperm to reach an ovum and fertilize it. Another effect of the birth control is making the womb lining unable to attach an impregnated ovum. The ovum cannot evolve unattached and some time later it passes out of the organism. The first and main function of Mircette is to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, other cases of use you should discuss with your doctor. But very often the contraceptive is used for treating an irregular cycles, when a woman loses a lot of blood and feel pain within the periods and so on.
If you want feel protected from such Sexually Transmitted Deseases as syphilis, donovanosis, gonorrhea etc., there is no necessity to buy Mircette as the remedy doesn’t execute this function.
Mircette is an efficient birth control for oral administration. The pills must be taken daily at the same time. Do not miss a dose as it increases the risk of becoming pregnant.If you missed a dode, take it as soon as you remember about it. In other words, it is possible to take two pills in one day. Read the information for a patient to get further directions. Do not take more than one pill a day if you don’t want to make up a missed dose, because it may have various unwanted sequelae and increase side effects. It is necessary to ask your medical provider about side effects and contraindications before you go to buy mircette. The side effects are not obligatory experienced by every woman who takes this birth control. They may appear as nausea, headache, dizziness, vomiting, vaginal irritation, stomach cramping, increased vaginal fluids, or breast tenderness. Besides, these pills have rare but serious side effects that can require medical care. That’s why you should call your doctor without delay if you notice that your vaginal discharge changed, troubled use of contact lenses, new hair on the face or body, you gained weight or vice versa, lost it. These are not all possible side effects that may be experienced. For more information consult a pharmacist or a doctor. Pay attention to the periods, if you have irregular periods or missed one (more often within the first couple of months when you start taking the birth control) it is quite normal. But if you missed two or more periods, you should make an appointment to your doctor.
Do not buy Mircette if you are not sure you can take one pill every day. Every missed dose increases the risk of an egg’s fertilization. Tell your doctor if you take antibiotics or other drugs that may interact with the hormonal combination and weaken the contraceptive’s effect. More than that, it would be better if you take a backup contraceptive method to protect yourself.
You may buy Mircette birth control in one of local drugstores, where it is available on prescription, or you may purchase it on one of online pharmacies that offer it over the counter.

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