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Birth control methods for modern women


Modern women leading an active lifestyle prefer not to bother about tiny things. They simply don’t have a spare minute for it: successful career, strong family, rich sexual life… The only thing they must be concerned about is contraception.
Sometimes it happens that a woman plans to get pregnant at a certain period of life and she uses every convenient method of contraception. The more so because there are plenty of fertility control remedies women are offered today. How can one find the most suitable method? It depends on your possibilities and preferences. If a woman is a mother and wouldn’t like to take contraceptive drugs every day but wants to feel safe, she may use an intrauterine device. This device works inside and its main function is to damage or kill sperm. As opposed to very popular birth control pills, the intrauterine device may cause fewer side effects. More than that, it is invisible, doesn’t make itself felt and guarantees 100 percent protection from an unplanned pregnancy provided that the device is placed correctly. Otherwise, the woman feels uncomfortable and the risk of getting pregnant increases. This device works 5 years.
Other method of birth control for women is a diaphragm. It is a rubber partition that serves as an obstacle on the sperm’s way preventing it from getting into the womb. As a result, an ovum is unfertilized and the woman is not pregnant. It is strictly recommended to check out the correct placement of the device to avoid unwanted surprises. This birth control method is considered to be a barrier method along with condoms. The diaphragm should be inserted in an hour or two before the intimacy and removed in maximum 12 hours.
If you are an obliging person who never forgets about anything, your method is birth control pills. These medicines require regular intake without any pauses. Birth control pills are considered to be hormonal contraceptives that contain a combination of estrogen and progestin. The remedy guarantees 100 percent of sex without fertilization only if the pills were taken regularly, every day without breaks. If a woman failed to take a birth control pill the odds are that she may become pregnant. The hormonal contraceptives may cause various side effects including serious ones. For example, the woman may feel abdominal cramping or bloating, breast pain, tenderness, or swelling, diarrhea, dizziness, gain or loss of body or facial hair, weight gain or loss and many others. As compared with abovementioned fertility control methods, a regular intake of birth control pills may be prescribed not only to prevent an unplanned pregnancy. This remedy has a great cosmetic effect and is useful when a woman has irregular periods.
Intrauterine device, a diaphragm and birth control pills are the most popular methods of family planning. But you should remember that none of them protects from sexually transmitted diseases. So, if you want to make your sex safe, use reliable contraceptives that suit your lifestyle, individual peculiarities and your preferences.

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