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About nebulizing machines

Nebulizing machines

Nowadays there are several types of devices for rapid delivery of medications into the lungs: metered-dose inhalers with/without a spacer, dry-powder inhalers and nebulizers. Nebulizers have the longest history of using: the first nebulizer was applied more than 100 years ago. The first metered-dose inhaler appeared only in 1956 and the dry-powder device was created in 1971. The first nebulizing machines were used for inhalations of pitch vapour and antiseptics in treatment of tuberculosis. Now the range of diseases treated with the help of nebulizers if much wider. Nowadays nebulizers are frequently used as a kind of asthma inhales.
Nebulizers can be successfully used both in therapeutic and cosmetic treatment. Among the therapeutic functions we may mention inhalations with vapor, aromatherapy and stimulation of immune system. The cosmetic function of the device consists in skin regeneration, stimulation of metabolism and blood circulation, deep cleaning and moistening of skin.
As compared with other types of asthma inhalers, nebulizers can work all-mains and be supplied by accumulators. The principle of their work is to deliver the medication into the lungs without losses and thereby one gets the best effect of the medication inhaled via nebulizer. Today in a pharmacy you will be offered three types of inhalers: ultrasonic, compressive and vaporiums. Ultrasonic nebulizers are noiseless and can produce the mist of minute particles that can get into the most distant and difficult-to-access parts of lungs. The therapeutic concentration of medication is to be reached in a few minutes and the nebule is cool, as opposed to a vaporium.
Compressive nebulizers weight more than ultrasonic devices do and make some noise while producing a cloud of medication for inhalation. This type of nebulizers supply the mist under pressure and a number of air valves makes the device economical. It is easy to sterilize, can be portable, one can easily (dis)assemble it and take along.
Vaporiums are efficient only when it is necessary to inhale a light solvent with boiling point beyond 100 degrees. This restriction is explained by the following peculiarity: the work of vaporiums is based on the evaporation effect of various drugs. Vaporiums can function as therapeutic and cosmetic device and this fact is considered to be the main advantage of this type of nebulizers.
Many patients prefer to use nebulizing machines not only as a variation of asthma inhalers but as an efficient device for treating and preventing various colds and diseases of upper respiratory organs. Every type of nebulizer has its own benefits that can help you to choose the most suitable device: silent ultrasonic nebulizers help to treat diseases in children even when they sleep, compressive nebulizers can produce fine aerosol (from wide variety of medical solutions) that successfully gets into lower respiratory tracts; vapours will improve the complexion. Before you spend money on a nebulizing machine, discuss with your doctor what kind of device will be better for your condition. Keep in mind that ultrasonic nebulizers, unfortunately, break numerous pharmaceutical compositions including hormones, antibiotics, bronchial spasmolytics, expectorant drugs, and others.

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