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A 1-Week Dose-Ranging Study of Inhaled Salmeterol in Patients With Asthma: Peak Expiratory Flow

A 1-Week Dose-Ranging Study of Inhaled Salmeterol in Patients With Asthma: Peak Expiratory FlowA comparison of pretreatment (during screening) and treatment period PEF measurements showed that the degree of improvement in morning PEF was dose related in patients who received salmeterol, with mean increases ranging from 0.5 to 29.4 L/min (Fig 3). In contrast, patients in the placebo group experienced a mean decrease of 15.3 L/min (p=0.001). Similar dose-related effects were seen for PEFs measured in the evening before the patient took the evening dose of study drug.
Other Measures of Efficacy
Exacerbations (defined as asthma requiring therapy in addition to back-up albuterol) occurred in 18 patients during this study. These patients experienced a total of 26 exacerbation episodes (Table 4). Exacerbations were most common in placebo recipients and least common in patients receiving the 84-Hg dose of salmeterol. Significant treatment effects were noted in the use of back-up albuterol. Canadian neighbor pharmacy Link From pretreatment to day 8, there was a 25 percent, 44 percent, and 72 percent decrease in the use of back-up albuterol in the placebo, albuterol, and salmeterol groups, respectively. There were also significant treatment effects on composite asthma symptom scores, representing individual scores for shortness of breath, chest tightness, coughing, and wheezing (p=0.001); reductions in these parameters were also dose dependent compared with the pretreatment period. Improvement in frequency of nights with no awakenings also appeared to be dose dependent; the salmeterol 10.5 /itg, 21 fig, 42 fig, and 84 fig groups experienced an average improvement of 3 percent, 9 percent, 10 percent, and 18 percent, respectively, in the percent of nights with no awakenings compared with a 4 percent improvement in the placebo group. These changes, however, were statistically significant only in the salmeterol 84 fig group compared with either placebo or salmeterol, 10.5 fig.


Figure 3. Comparison of PEF measured before and during treatment (shown as mean percent change).

Table 4—Exacerbations of Asthma During Study

Treatment No. of Patients No. (%) of Patients With at Least 1 Exacerbation
Placebo 35 9(26)
Salmeterol, /zg
10.5 29 2(7)
21 32 3(9)
42 33 3(9)
84 31 1(3)
Total 160* 18(11)
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