Medicine of the future in the United States

Medicine of the futureImpressive technological achievements of the United states, as well as generous investment into innovative research allows this country to be hopeful and optimistic when it comes to expecting very bright technologically-insured future. Medical advances and discoveries are expected to be the most impressive ones. There are still hundreds of vaccines to discover, millions of people to save and billions of dollars to spend following hunches of talented scientists who just need the financial means to make our life better.

According to predictions made by American scientists, over the next few decades medicine will turn from reactive (when doctors treat patients that got sick) to preventive, personalized and predictive. Soon enough, everyone will be able to use a tiny device to draw a droplet of blood that will make a few hundred measurements required, sending the data obtained for analysis almost immediately. The patient will be able to get the results, which will tell the physician whether there’s anything wrong with the body and any preventative measures have to be taken.

By employing the new measurement technologies and implementing new knowledge available, we will be able to make predictions and prevent diseases that we used to treat before. In the past, we studied the disease by analyzing the way its genes behaved in the body, one by one, while new approaches will enable us to analyze the behavior of all genes, their interactions and possible ways to prevent what’s now deemed unpreventable and untreatable.

Thanks to the powerful scientific potential of the United States, very soon regular physicians will be able to collect gigabytes of data about every patient, including information on the condition of their cells, blood proteins and genes, analyzing their medical history many generations back and making potentially life-saving conclusions. Technologies emerging today will allow scientists to change their approach to disease, making it molecular and holistic. There will be nano-sized devices that will make hundreds of measurements in seconds, while special DNA sequencers will be able to decode individual genomes accurately and in a way that will make it affordable for everyone.

This predictability and preciseness of medicine predicted by the US scientists will allow coming up with individual approach to every patient (which is declared today but rarely seen anywhere). Medicine will focus on every individual patient to assess the impact of the environment and multiple other factors on the person’s genetic predisposition, which is likely to significantly influence a number of industries, including health care, insurance, food and pharmaceuticals. Ultimately, the humankind will finally be able to put all the knowledge and skill together to live longer, happier and more productive lives.